About us

Schmidtheim Castle – „Schloss Schmidtheim“ – with its surrounding forest has been the home of our family for more than half a millennium.

We therefore feel a special responsibility towards the house, nature, and the people with whom we work and live.

Anne und Emmanuel Beissel von Gymnich

We want you to feel comfortable with us and would like to support you as much as possible during your event or holiday with us. It is our desire that you remember Schloss Schmidtheim as a very special place and will enjoy coming back.

In harmony with nature

Our goal is to live and work in harmony with nature as much as possible. We manage the house, maintain the forest and agriculture in a sustainable and climate-friendly way. We respect and use nature without abusing it.

We heat the house, its outbuildings, St. Martin Church, the cottage „La Maison“ and other surrounding houses with a furnace fueled by wood residue from our forest. We also use solar energy and wind energy in the hopes of keeping the estate and forest stable for generations to come.

Adrian, Constantin, Laetitia-Pia, Damian Beissel
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