Wappen Beissel von Gymnich zu Schmidtheim

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Schmidtheim Castle

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Make every event, be it your wedding, a conference, or your holiday, into something extraordinary.

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Holiday Home „La Maison“

Directly situated in the castle gardens in a sunny and quiet location

Holiday Flat „L'Extravagante“

Arrive and feel at home


Your civil wedding in the castle


In the rustic vaulted cellar from the Middle Ages


Professional meetings in a unique atmosphere

Our Forest

A beautiful piece of nature

Nature & Mankind

Understanding & experiencing nature

You have arrived!

You have arrived … in the Blue Salon for your wedding ceremony or business conference. In the medieval vaulted cellar for your celebration. Or in the 19th century holiday home „La Maison“ in the middle of the castle gardens.

Enjoy the relaxed tranquility and extraordinary atmosphere of Schmidtheim Castle and its picturesque surroundings.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion or just want to recharge your batteries, Schloss Schmidtheim allows you celebrate the moment or to just come and rest.   

Celebrate in style or just relax. Enjoy the many facets that Schloss Schmidtheim has to offer.

Finally…. you have arrived. We look forward to welcoming you!

Anne Gräfin Beissel von Gymnich

Events of the „Centre for Nature & Mankind“

All the events are held in German language.

 - 16:00

Tag des offenen Denkmals

Schloss Schmidtheim
- 27.09.2024

VEDIC ART - Intuitives Malen

”Vedic Art lehrt keinen das Malen. Nein! Vedic Art erinnert, wie man malt. Vedic Art erinnert daran, wie Kunst geschaffen werden kann.” (Curt Källman)
Beata Glatthaar
Schloss Schmidtheim

For groups, schools and kindergartens

Geführte Waldexkursionen mit Graf Damian Beissel

Gemeinsam mit Graf Damian Beissel den Schmidtheimer Wald erkunden.
Graf Damian Beissel

Magische Stunde im Blauen Salon (für Kindergärten)

Märchenhaft verkleiden – märchenhaft erzählen
Anne Gräfin Beissel
Schloss Schmidtheim

Spannende Schnitzeljagd im Schlosspark (für 4. - 6. Klasse)

Schnitzeljagd rund um Geschichte und Kultur des Schlosses Schmidtheim
Anne Gräfin Beissel
Schloss Schmidtheim

Schlossgeheimnisse aus dem Mittelalter (für 4. - 6. Klasse)

Führung durch Schloss Schmidtheim.
Anne Gräfin Beissel
Schloss Schmidtheim
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