Since 2019 we operate a self-directed BIO-certified agribusiness.

Agricultute and Nature Conservation

100% of the area is permanent grassland (meadows and pastures). In cooperation with a horse breeder, some of the area is being grazed by Icelandic horses. Moreover, a beekeeper has set up numerous beehives in the woods of Schmidtheim and the surrounding grassland and produces a delicious regional honey.

As we have a future-oriented mindset, we value renewable energies. Not far of the castle walls / Schmidtheim castle, are solar panels located. Organically grown christmas trees surround these solar panels. Shropshire sheep also graze here and keep the area clear. This way nature can thrive alongside the gained solar energy. We do sell our Christmas trees on demand from November onwards. Furthermore, we also organize a Christmas tree sale on the 1st advent.

Along the contracted nature conservation, we also provide voluntary services, to preserve and expand the diversity of nature. For example, hedge cuttings are used as brush piles in the edge areas, to create a habitat for wildlife.

Through various mowing times diversified structures can be created. By this means, we can provide silo, haylage and hay. The various stages of grass growth are considered. Through this manner, we preserve and promote biodiversity in the habitat of insects, plants, and wildlife.


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