Centre for
Nature & Mankind

Schmidtheim Castle’s „Centre for Nature & Mankind“ offers seminars, excursions and other events revolving around nature, people and culture. 

Understanding & experiencing Nature

The Centre for Nature & Mankind is offering seminars, excursions and other events in the field of NATURE, HUMAN BEINGS and CULTURE.

Schmidtheim Castle has always been closely connected to nature. The Counts Beissel have been managing and nurturing the beautiful Schmidtheim Forest for over 500 years.

It is close to the family’s heart to bring FOREST, NATURE and CULTURE closer to everyone. By experiencing nature up close, we hope that our visitors will develop an understanding of the life-sustaining cycles in flora and fauna. Come and experience the healing nature of the forest first-hand.

For many people nowadays, success at all costs is a top priority. The pressures of personal and professional success as well as exaggerated ideals of youth, beauty and endless energy perpetuated by media seem to have become the only goal for many.

The excessive and unrealistic demands that many make upon themselves may ultimately have the opposite effect and people become unhappy, even angry.

Is this really what we want? Where is the joy in life? Where is the natural refueling for body and mind?

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us how much escaping into the tranquility of nature can revitalize the body and the mind.

Schloss Schmidtheim is passionate in providing the experience of nature to its visitors.

The diverse offer of our „Centre for Nature & Mankind“ is dedicated in showing the abundance of nature. We are enthusiastic in showing that humans can indeed have a positive influence on nature.

In our seminars, participants learn not only to look at nature differently, but also to see themselves and their own creativity in a different light .

Bit by bit, JOY and SATISFACTION are rediscovered.

We hope to welcome you soon!

Graf Damian Beissel

Learn more about our Creative Team here (german language).

Events of the „Centre for Nature & Mankind“

All the events are held in German language.

 - 16:00

Tag des offenen Denkmals

Schloss Schmidtheim
- 27.09.2024

VEDIC ART - Intuitives Malen

”Vedic Art lehrt keinen das Malen. Nein! Vedic Art erinnert, wie man malt. Vedic Art erinnert daran, wie Kunst geschaffen werden kann.” (Curt Källman)
Beata Glatthaar
Schloss Schmidtheim

For Schools and Kindergartens

Geführte Waldexkursionen mit Graf Damian Beissel

Gemeinsam mit Graf Damian Beissel den Schmidtheimer Wald erkunden.
Graf Damian Beissel

Magische Stunde im Blauen Salon (für Kindergärten)

Märchenhaft verkleiden – märchenhaft erzählen
Anne Gräfin Beissel
Schloss Schmidtheim

Spannende Schnitzeljagd im Schlosspark (für 4. - 6. Klasse)

Schnitzeljagd rund um Geschichte und Kultur des Schlosses Schmidtheim
Anne Gräfin Beissel
Schloss Schmidtheim

Schlossgeheimnisse aus dem Mittelalter (für 4. - 6. Klasse)

Führung durch Schloss Schmidtheim.
Anne Gräfin Beissel
Schloss Schmidtheim

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