History & Tradition

Schmidtheim Castle and the surrounding forests have been owned and maintained by the Counts Beissel von Gymnich for over 500 years.


In 1511 Daem Beissel married the heiress Eva von Schmidtheim, whose family had probably inhabited Schmidtheim for 300 years. She brought Schmidtheim into the marriage.

Today it is hard to imagine that Schmidtheim Castle was once a moated castle. With an altitude of 545 m it was the highest water castle in the Rhineland. The last moat was filled with building rubble from a devastating fire in 1890.

Around 1627, still during the 30-year war, the castle was built in its present form: Iron anchors on the facade have recorded this date.

The vaulted cellar of the former defense tower forms the oldest part of the castle and dates back to the 14th century.

Eva von Schmidtheim

Eva von Schmidtheim

Gerichtslinde, Kirche, Schmidtheim

Court lime tree with church and access road to the farm buildings.

Triad of three powers

You can observe an interesting triad when you approach Schmidtheim Castle. It is here that you encounter the three authorities: clerical, judicial and economic authority.

Next to the entrance of the castle’s farm buildings, you will find the ancient court lime tree as well as a direct view of the St. Martin’s church tower. Such a combination in this direct proximity is rarely found.

And today?

Schmidtheim Castle remains the ancestral seat of the Counts Beissel von Gymnich.

At the same time, Schmidtheim Castle is also a medium-sized company that is run with great passion by the family and their employees. The extensive estate is managed by the dedicated team with much care and a great interest in tradition and history.

Schloss Schmidtheim is open to anyone who wants to get to know and experience the special atmosphere of the house.  Be it at a celebration, a wedding, a conference, a reception or in the holiday home „La Maison“.

Schloss Schmidtheim mit ehemaligem Wehrturm

Schmidtheim Castle, in the centre the former defence tower.

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